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SAVOR Museum of Ice Cream; Epic challenge; Cafe Sophie closed

After 2 million visitors across seven sold-out locations, the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) has found its latest sweet spot in the historic Chicago Tribune, 435 N. Michigan Ave.

MOIC can be distinguished by its pink exterior—and, believe me, there's plenty of pink inside as well.

Also, there's plenty of ice cream, starting with a cheerful employee who hands out Dove bars. From there, it's all about smiles and ice cream—especially the latter.

Expect a variety of classic and novel flavors across free free-flow dessert stations, including uniquely-Chicagoan ice cream hotdogs and shaved ice, with seasonal surprise treats on rotation.

Grownup kids will enjoy our signature pink cocktails, each with a different flavor to tickle your taste buds each time. Guests with dietary restrictions are still in for an easy-freezy day, as each station offers vegan and allergen-free alternatives. (And, believe it or not, the ice-cream hot dog—with mustard and the optional pickle—was better than I anticipated.)

However, there are other things to enjoy in the family-friendly attraction. Attendees can learn about the history of ice cream in a journey sprinkled with fun facts and unique interactive

installations designed specifically for Chicago. And speaking of sprinkles, there's a huge pool at the end filled with (plastic versions of) the toppings—and it's a really relaxing time.

Tickets are $36-$44 each; visit Article Link Here .

—Epic Burger ( Website Link Here ; has been known for having some pretty cool sandwiches (like the Jalapeno Cheese Bomb Burger) and shakes (including a chocolate-covered banana concoction that has to be tasted to be believed.)

But the chain, which has several spots in Chicago, has something else happening as well—if you're up to the challenge.

The restaurant now has its Epic AF Challenge, and it's monstrous. The Challenge includes two double Black Angus Beef Epic Burgers stacked with bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onions and Epic Sauce served with a double order of Epic fries, an order of sweet potato fries, an order of onion rings, a three-piece order of chicken tenders and an Epic shake. (Those with dietary restrictions can choose the halal or vegetarian option, too.)

All items from the $20.08 combo must be consumed within 20 minutes and eight seconds.

Contestants must be at least 18 years old and must sign a waiver.

Prizes for those who successfully meet the challenge include a gift card for $20.08, an EPIC AF Shirt and their names/photos in a social-media post.

—Not too long ago, Windy City Times profiled Cafe Sophie, a posh European-style cafe in the Gold Coast. In fact, it was just in May that WCT spoke with owner/chef Danny Grant ( Website Link Here ;.

The spot had recently opened, but it recently closed—and it may not reopen.

According to Eater Chicago, as Maple & Ash and What If Syndicate co-founders David Pisor and James Lasky continue their court battle, Cafe Sophie has become a culinary casualty. (Grant is part of What If, but Pisor and Lasky are the majority members.)

Court documents reportedly declared the all-day cafe closed, according to Block Club Chicago. However, Lasky's legal team claimed that the shutter is due to a design flaw.

When WCT asked Grant, "With the legal situation going on with What If Syndicate, are you comfortable with the future of Cafe Sophie?," he responded, "Yes."

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