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Billy Masters: Colton Underwood, Golden Globes and more
by Billy Masters

"I was not prepared to receive death threats over a fictional character's fictional relationship choices that are fictional which means not real."—A writer on the Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That describes feedback she's received on the series. What can I say? If you can't take the heat, don't open emails from a .

A bit of drama has hit the Masters family. While it's too soon to know how things will be resolved, the situation necessitated my leaving the luxurious Filth2Go Beach House in Fort Lauderdale and returning to frigid, single-digit-temperature Boston. While I was glad to be back in the bosom of the beast, err, the family, it meant I missed out on the throngs of gays in thongs descending on the seaside city en route to a gay cruise. Roughly 5K gays have embarked on Atlantis' 30th-anniversary cruise to the Caribbean. Will they have a festive, multi-orgasmic extravaganza? Or will they have a festive, multi-orgasmic COVID cornucopia? Time will tell...

I also missed the Golden Globes, but I wasn't the only one: Nobody was there. The only celebrity presence was a virtual message from Jamie Lee Curtis, who sent a video noting the work done by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, whatever that is. I was surprised to learn she was never a Miss Golden Globes—although she does have two Golden Globes that she proudly displays every chance she gets! And that's the only crass joke I'll make. One of us is a lady.

Speaking of which, Mj Rodriguez made Golden Globes history as "the first Black trans woman to win a Golden Globe." This begs the question: Was there previously a trans woman of any kind to have won a Golden Globe? I'm sure some swift-fingered activist will figure that out. Congrats, Mj!

Planes are where I catch up on shows, so I was pleased to have former Bachelor Colton Underwood keeping me company. I relished every twist and turn of Underwood's experiences on all three shows. Nothing that has happened since has surprised me—including Netflix's Coming Out Colton. This "reality show" relishes—and almost luxuriates—in staged sequences. Given his Bachelor past, Colton understands the importance of doing retakes of "spontaneous" conversations. But the people around him seem uncomfortable with the practice—particularly, his parents and former coach. Also, I did laugh out loud when Gus Kenworthy answered Colton's phone call with, "What up, girl?" We also learned that Colton's interested in "daddies." Beyond that, it's simple, mindless entertainment—but not without some merit. There's a particularly illuminating and touching sequence in which Colton meets with former football players who are gay—including David Kopay (who would make a terrific guest on "Billy Masters LIVE" when we resume shows in February). Colton's interaction with Michael Sam was awkward. Did anyone else catch Sam formally introducing himself and shaking Colton's hand?? Underwood expressed guilt for not standing by Sam when they were both drafted. Ultimately, the show seems to have three agendas: A) to explain to people that gay people are just like everyone else, B) to redeem Colton's sordid reputation and C) to keep Underwood in the spotlight. Personally, I'm not sure which was their primary objective.

People continue to pile on Kevin Spacey—something I suspect he'd enjoy under the right circumstances. While Anthony Rapp's assault case against Spacey continues to creep through the legal system, a new witness has come forward who claims he was the victim of a "sexual advance." Justin Dawes said that in 1988—when he was 16—Spacey invited him and a friend to watch the film Chinatown. The situation was described in the court documents thusly: "At one point, Spacey put his hand on Mr. Dawes' left leg, just above his knee, for 30-45 seconds." When asked what happened next, Dawes continues: "Mostly chatting, and at one point his hand was on my leg. You know, I thought it was mildly uncomfortable. I did not, you know, feel threatened, but I thought it was a kind of, you know, probing of a sexual nature to see how comfortable I was with that. I don't remember really reacting in any way. I just kind of—just kind of froze, just sort of noticed it and continued on." Not to stick up for Spacey, but if that is the standard of "grooming," I suppose you should just march me to the chair now a la Susan Hayward! By the by, Dawes is described as straight and living with his wife and children in Brazil. Kind of.

Finally, we have an "Ask Billy" question worthy of being the first of the year. Hal in Chicago asks, "What do you know about British model Russell White? He's so freakin' hot."

Agreed! Russell is a 26-year-old sexy beast (not to be confused with Russell White, a 29-year-old Irish triathlete). The model Russell has flaunted his flawless physique for a fair number of photographers who are interested in his body … of work. He was just named "brand ambassador" for Ron Dorff, a French-Swedish sportswear line. If they were looking to make a splash, they did right by getting White to be in—and out—of their undies. He's really quite spectacular, and is not averse to showing a bit of extra skin, as you'll see on

When we've got Russell White in tighty-whities, it's definitely time to end yet another column. While I face the frigid Northeast, I can warm up on—the site that gets everyone hot and bothered. If you have a question worthy of my attention, send it off to , and I promise to get back to you before Colton is named host of The Bachelor (which is not a bad idea). Until next time, remember: One man's filth is another man's bible.

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