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GLAAD: 81% of LGBTQs voted for Biden

GLAAD released the findings of its 2020 Post-election Poll of LGBTQ registered voters.

The findings included a phenomenal turnout of the LGBTQ vote, a surge of first-time LGBTQ voters, an overwhelming vote for President-elect Joe Biden, with votes motivated by three top issues the organization said actually demand a more robust response from the nation's leaders: COVID-19, healthcare and racial justice.

Among all LGBTQ voters, 81% voted for President-elect Biden and 14% for President Trump. Among first-time LGBTQ voters, 86% voted for Biden, 10% for Trump.

Also, among LGBTQ adults, 78% rated President-elect Biden "excellent or good" in addressing LGBTQ issues during the campaign. 80% rated President Trump "not so good or poor" in addressing LGBTQ issues during the campaign.

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