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Billy Masters
by Billy Masters

"The fact is, I'm a cheerleader for this country. I love our country. And I don't want people to be frightened. I don't want to create panic."—Donald Trump. No offense to any leaders of cheers out there, but all the cheerleaders I knew growing up were at the top of the human pyramid ... and the bottom of the football team.

If you value gay media ( like this column ), the future is in your hands. Another gay paper is scaling back: The Windy City Times is shuttering its print version after 35 years on Sept. 30. To put this into personal terms—this column once appeared in over two dozen weekly gay publications nationwide. Do you know how many are left? Barely a handful. Please support your LGBT media ... and websites like After all, we've serviced so many of you.

Speaking of media, The View is back. Meghan's about to pop, Joy is on her way to ( or from ) an Italian wake, Sara has returned to the table and, wait a minute ... who is that? Oh, yeah—Ana Navarro is back on Fridays. We completely forgot about her. With a new season comes a new drama. On their third day back, Joy Behar said she'd get a COVID-19 vaccine after Ivanka gets one. Ivanka Tweeted, "Deal. I would come on your show to do so."

Then there are some old subjects still rattling around. One of those is Kevin Spacey. You may recall his fall from grace happened shortly after he hosted the Tony Awards on June 11, 2017. Within months, Anthony Rapp revealed that when he was 14 years old, he was a target of unwanted sexual advances from Kevin. That's when Spacey's house of cards began to tumble. He was fired from most jobs, written out of others, and young men came forward with claims that led to court proceedings. The latest lawsuit comes from Rapp and an anonymous claimant.

More appropriate fun can be had on "Billy Masters LIVE." Last Tuesday, we interviewed the marvelous Marilyn Maye—and featured some footage from her recent sold-out engagement at the Crown & Anchor in Provincetown. And on Thursday, we updated our "Broadway Bares" special by tackling the deliciously wicked Mark MacKillop—who was the top fundraiser of "Bares" for the third year in a row.

This Tuesday featured the risque Rhea Litre—host of "Quarantine Queen," the live Instagram drag show that just started its second season. Rhea and I go back a LONG way. We know where all the bodies are buried, so expect us to tell tales and name names. On Thursday, we celebrate the 35th anniversary of "the Golden Girls with some very special guests. Join in the fun—on or on our YouTube channel, Billy Masters TV.

Like your beloved Billy, lots of people have gone online with their own projects during the pandemic. Last week, a group of Black actresses assembled to raise money for Color of Change and to put a new spin on The Golden Girls. Using a verbatim script written by our bon ami Stan Zimmerman for season one of the classic sitcom, "Flu Attack" was reimagined with Tracee Ellis Ross as Rose, Sanaa Lathan as Blanche, Regina King as Dorothy, and Alfre Woodard as Sophia. Lena Waithe hosted the event.

As we were going to press, Chris Evans' penis was wreaking havoc. It was a shocking moment. On his Instagram account, Evans shared a video hanging out with a group of friends playing a game called, ironically enough, "Heads Up!" At the end of the video, the screen froze on a page showing thumbnails from his camera roll. And there, amongst other images of the actor, was a close-up of a penis. While I feel it's declasse to discuss a semi-erect phallus, let's simply say it makes up in girth what it may lack in length. Some people claim—rightfully so—that we have no idea who the disembodied penis belongs to. But riddle me this: Why would Chris Evans have a photo of someone else's penis on his cell phone? Since an image is worth a thousand words, check out

One of my proofreaders claims this week's "Ask Billy" question: "I heard that Aaron Carter jerked off to completion on his OnlyFans. Do you have any video or images of this momentous occasion?"

First, let me correct you—it wasn't on his OnlyFans page; it was on his CamSoda page. The difference? No idea. What did he do in the video? He took a shower; he showed off his stuffed animals; he peeled a banana with his feet; he played guitar; fingered some honey ( not a euphemism ); and he did indeed jerk off to completion. And, yes, some titillating highlights can be seen on

When we're bringing you both a peeled and unpeeled penis, it's definitely time to end yet another column. As I've said so often during these quarantined days—any penis in a storm. If you have other needs that need filling, head to—the site that always satisfies. Should you require more personal attention, I happen to have some time on my hands. Reach out to , and I promise to get back to you before I finger some honey ( which IS a euphemism ). Until next time, remember: One man's filth is another man's bible.

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