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Gay Games Chicago Signs $3.2 Million Broadcast Rights Deal with Q Television

$1.7 Million Cash and $1.5 Million Barter Secure

TV, Radio and Internet Broadcast Rights

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Chicago organizers of Gay Games VII Dec. 3 announced the signing of a contract with the California-based Q Television Network granting the new gay network television, radio and Internet broadcast rights in a deal valued at more than $3.2 million. Gay Games VII Sports and Cultural Festival will take place in Chicago, IL, USA, July 15-22, 2006.

The Q Television/Gay Games VII deal is for $1.7 million in cash plus more than $1.5 million in advertising and programming benefits, making the partnership worth more than $3.2 million, the largest-ever sponsorship of an event for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ( LGBT ) community. The contract, signed Dec. 3, 2004, grants Q Television Internet, radio and television broadcast rights and provides for joint development of Gay Games-related programming, broadcast advertising of the Gay Games from now through 2006, and live and taped coverage of the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago. ( All sums are in U.S. dollars. )

As part of the deal, Q Television, a paid cable network, will unscramble its signal during the week of the Gay Games, ensuring broad-based access to the pageantry of the ceremonies, exciting sporting competitions, inspiring cultural and arts offerings, and the warmth and beauty of Chicago. Q Television will also serve as the agent for the worldwide redistribution of television, radio and Internet broadcast rights, allowing for access beyond Q Television's cable footprint, especially in international markets.

The media rights sold do not prohibit standard news coverage.

'The Q Television Network is proud to now be the broadcast home of the Gay Games,' said Frank Olsen, President and CEO of Q Television Network. 'This is a major contract for Q Television. Lesbian and gay sports are a crucial part of the LGBT community and the Gay Games are the worldwide expression of the best in amateur sport. The Gay Games in Chicago will be a monumental event for the worldwide gay and lesbian community and we are thrilled to be the only television network to have an exclusive contract. We look forward to telling the stories of these amazing athletes and artists to our viewers.'

'Our partnership with Q Television will ensure international visibility for the Gay Games movement throughout the next two years,' said Tracy Baim, Chicago Games, Inc. ( CGI ) Co-Vice Chair. 'With integrated programming scheduled to take place throughout the months leading up to Gay Games VII in Chicago, Q Television Network will earn the title 'Network of the Gay Games'.' CGI's negotiation team included Baim, attorney Gary Medler of Hinshaw & Culbertson, and CGI Co-Chairs Sam Coady and Suzanne Arnold. The broadcast relationship was initiated by Plan B, Chicago's primary corporate sponsorship development firm with offices in Los Angeles, Montreal and London.

Kathleen Webster, co-president of the international Federation of Gay Games, expressed excitement about the deal and the Chicago team. 'This is the largest corporate partner ever to sponsor the Gay Games, and we are very excited at how quickly Chicago has secured major sponsorship for Gay Games VII. Having already surpassed corporate sponsorship totals for all of Gay Games VI in Sydney in 2002, CGI is on track to meet or exceed all financial projections,' said Webster. Earlier this year, Chicago announced that PlanetOut, Inc., had become a Premium sponsor of the 2006 Gay Games for $1.06 million, which, until the Q Television announcement, was the largest corporate support for an LGBT sporting event ever.

Q Television can be found on the cable network RCN ( channel 255 ) in New York, Boston and San Francisco with distribution following in additional cities across the USA. It is the home for such original programming as 'Q on the Move,' a travelogue of gay-friendly places, people and events; 'WOW! Women on Women,' a lesbian talk show, and 'Q the Music,' a variety program of current music videos geared toward the gay and lesbian community. See Article Link Here .

21 International LGBT Groups Become Official Gay Games Partners

Led by Team San Francisco, 21 of the world's LGBT sports and culture organizations have become 'Official Gay Games Partners,' joining a brand new innovative membership program designed to more formally link the Gay Games with the LGBT sports and culture community. A joint campaign of the Chicago hosts of the 2006 Gay Games and the Federation of Gay Games ( FGG ) , the Partner Program gives big benefits back to organizations—large and small—that represent participants in the Gay Games VII.

The program is available to any sports or culture organization that represents participants, or potential participants, in the Gay Games. Benefits include a link and listing on the Gay Games VII Web site, ability to communicate with registered athletes and artists, formal recognition of their Official Partner status, support by Gay Games VII for local organizing efforts, and fast-track approval on use of logos and images for promotions, uniforms and fundraisers. Membership details and forms are available via a prominent link at Article Link Here .

Team San Francisco was given the honor of the first membership in this landmark new program in recognition of their city's role as the host of Gay Games I and II in 1982 and 1986. Team San Francisco is also the largest single city delegation to the Gay Games by far, having sent more than 1,200 athletes and artists to Sydney in 2002 for Gay Games VI.

Inaugural Partners include ( FGG Director organizations noted with an asterisk -* ) :

Federation of Gay Games ( FGG )

Fédération Sportive Gaie et Lesbienne ( Team France/FSGL ) *

Gay and Lesbian Organization for Racing and Yachting ( GLORY )

Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance ( GLTA ) *

Gay Sport South Africa ( GSSA )

Greater Long Beach Sports Association ( GLBSA )

International Association of Gay and Lesbian Martial Artists ( IAGLMA ) *

International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics ( IGLA ) *

International Gay and Lesbian Football Association ( IGLFA ) *

International Gay Bowling Organization ( IGBO ) *

International Gay Figure Skating Union ( IGFSU ) *

Lesbian and Gay Band Association ( Team Band ) *

National Gay Basketball Association ( NGBA )

Out for Sport/Great Britain ( OFS ) *

Wrestlers WithOut Borders*

Team New York

Team Philadelphia*

Team San Francisco*

Team South Africa ( TOGS ) *

Queer Utah Aquatic Club ( QUAC )

Women's Sports Association ( WSA )

Descriptions of each organization are available at Article Link Here .

'This program is a true partnership,' said Sam Coady, Co-Chair of Chicago Games, Inc. 'Sports organizations, leagues, cultural groups, and city teams spend countless hours preparing for the Gay Games. Recognizing this commitment, and in return for greater collaboration, we will give our partners more tools to expand their infrastructure, better organize, and reach athletes and artists coming to Gay Games VII.'

The hallmark benefit to the Partners is access to those who have registered for the Gay Games. 'Technological advances since Gay Games VI in Sydney have made it possible for us to create communication links between registered athletes and artists and the organizations that serve their needs without violating important privacy laws and guidelines,' said Suzanne Arnold, Co-Chair of Chicago Games, Inc. 'This forwards the larger mission of the Gay Games, which is to foster and sustain an international LGBT sports movement. The world comes together around the Gay Games, and we can use that momentum, energy and capital to fuel growth in teams and sports across the globe.

'This program represents a significant step forward in the Gay Games movement,' said Roberto Mantaci, Co-President of the Federation of Gay Games. 'Initiated by the Chicago host committee, the concept represents the best of our partnership with our colleagues and friends in the Windy City. This program will enhance the athlete's experience at Gay Games VII, and will be handed to the new host of Gay Games VIII when that city has been selected, giving the new host access to dozens of organizations and thousands of athletes and artists. We are enthusiastically in support of this program, and we are happy to contribute significantly with our technological resources and volunteers.'

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